April Volunteer Highlight: Amber

Clever Octopus Creative Reuse Center is located adjacent to the Intermountain Health Center in Murray, Utah. Amber, one of my consistent volunteers, noticed the opening of our retail space when she worked at Intermountain. Due to the proximity, she would come during lunch breaks and after work to shop for supplies, and that was where her interest in volunteering sparked. As a volunteer, Amber started off organizing yarn and fabric, and now, she sorts and packages all kinds of materials at the store. She has been working with lots and lots of beads, as well as helping with the preparation of upcoming projects.

Amber is an integral part of Clever Octopus’ volunteer team, as she is approaching a whole year of volunteering with us! Amber dedicates 3+ hours of her time to us each Friday, and she never fails to brighten up everyone’s day. As a product designer, Amber is motivated by her desires to be involved with the other end: to see and learn better ways of design that are conducive to the longevity of different products.

The Clever Octopus team is thankful for all our awesome volunteers. To volunteer, fill out this form on our website, and our team will reach back to you shortly.

Amber, our April volunteer highlight

Amber, our April volunteer highlight

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