Local Artist Spotlight: Sarah K. | Clever Octopus

Sarah Kastelic has been a maker for as long as she can remember. Painting, mixed media pieces, and bookbinding especially are her loves.


Sarah K.

SLC Local Artist

She is the owner of Pixie Dust and Sunshine and an avid supporter and volunteer of Clever Octopus. Sarah started volunteering with Clever Octopus summer of 2017, just a little after we opened our Creative Reuse Center April 2017. Since then, she has become a sustainability-focused visual artist.

Beginning of 2019, she taught an on-site workshop with Clever Octopus where she instructed a full class on bookmaking, using all reclaimed materials from our creative reuse center. She’s eager to teach another workshop again; be sure to check our public calendar and workshop registration to stay updated with our on-site workshops! 


Since she learned about Clever Octopus a little over 2 years ago, she’s devoted to reusing materials she already has or shop second-hand at thrift stores or creative reuse centers.

In an interview, she told Clever Octopus’ Program Coordinator, Lin, about her stance on sustainability: 

I think it is really important to know where materials come from. If there’s something that you can do in your everyday life, even if it’s really small, making one small change can trigger other changes. People are under the misconception that they have to figure out sustainability all in one day. But honestly, if they can just commit to one small thing, then it would really add up over time.
— Sarah K.

Outside of her involvement with Clever Octopus, she’s volunteered at Utah Recycling Alliance’s (URA) fix-it clinics to supply participants knowledge on how to mend their slightly broken items.

Sarah believes the importance of having outreach programs that are accessible to a diverse population, and that’s why she’s so passionate about Clever Octopus’ mission, as well as other similar organizations in the Salt Lake Valley. 

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